Fiery EMS Super Osprey Crash Flattens Roman Rooftop Elementary School

DATELINE : CENTRAL ROME ~~~ 03:17 — 04/04/42

Three human medics and two Dr. Galen AGIs perished along multiple with the patients as they flew to San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital in the predawn hours. Wreckage landed on and destroyed PS 141 atop the Mussolini Civic building. The crash occurred before the morning rush and children had to report to school. Witnesses at the scene describe frantic children still trying to enter the flaming scorched classrooms shouting “It’s aptitude day and I can’t end up a school teacher.” Several traffic jams also resulted as local routing systems had trouble coping with the chaos. Mayor of Rome, Maximo De Chiricho Molto, hovered directly to the scene upon his being informed, abruptly ending a local ribbon cutting.

An EMS Model EVLM x4 Super Osprey

Experts say the cause is due to high swirling winds, above average levels of ash, and volcanic debris choking the air. Recent hot activity at nearby Mount Vulsini likely being the culprit. Efforts are still underway to banish all the flames as rescue workers continue to shut down vulnerable intersections. No reports as to when the area will be return to normal.

Updates to follow…

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