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The Prophet ~~ Kahlil Gibran

The Prophet ~~ Kahlil Gibran

Two Lovers?

Gibran stuck in Phobos Penitentiary

Originally published: 1923 Author: Kahlil Gibran

The Prophet ““ We are too far in the future, unbound, too busy sloshing about space and time to worry about the public doomain. ////TFS /////HAL

Hover over the not too hidden link somewhere in the simple, painful textual jargon above. Buried in that textual jargon near this beautiful mans head…you will find a secret gift. We all need to mentally absorb his work via whatever type of straw you’re using and gather our strengths together to free the consciousnesses of Khalil Gibran ~ currently imprisoned for crime against the state, and being held in the Phobos static-drive penitentiary indefinitely.


Sincerely, your Futurus Satoshi Editor — HAL MENCKEN –

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