Peace & Harmony

I Abscond w Robotic Ringo as 27 Club Vanquishes BeatleStones

After Being Spotted by my Coworker Covering a Minor Sporting Event I am Contractually Obligated to Submit this Rushed Garbage

MarcieMyDarkling ~~ Staff Writer

The Gate Hotel – Kaminarimon, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan


So Sorry for the lateness of my reply. Honestly, not really, not at all. I spent a fabulous long weekend with a stolen Beatle simulacrum. Primal Energy has flowed for days, on stage, on the street, in the bathroom.

Now to cut to the reason I got paid to Sphereline out to Tokyo in the first place. The 27Club licked the BeatleStones. The young ones are in charge. Brian Jones is beside himself. But anyway, it’s my fault, Ringo’s interdimensional funky.

Mick and the Dark Arts
Headband Magic

So, back to the paid story. Battle at Budokan. The two sides were squarely matched. I saw Mick Jagger summon the spirit of lost Hell’s Angels during Sympathy. The dueling Brain Jones’ were dripping with sweat and bleeding from their fingers trying to one up another. The instrument selection grew absurd. Amy Winehouse outdid both Mick, and Jim Morrison with new levels of exhibitionism.

Winston Light 100’s >>> Have a smoke,.,,

In the end lacking Ringo’s swinging rythm; whom with I was then fleeing through the crowd, didn’t matter. The 27Club emotionally devastated the audience and won the Crown. By shear will the victory came highlighted by a monster duet between Jimi and Kurt. True pain, longing, human potential, and the rage against the darkness all reverberating out of guitar strings. The night was beautiful.

Marcie My Darkling disconnecting…

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