Reatard to the Rescue

Secret Show in Tokyo. Jay Reatard Simulacrum and friends Wow The Japanese Federation.

Marcie My Darkling ~~ Staff Writer

Chome-11 Kabukichō, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 160-0021, Japan:

Jay Reatard, the now eternally 29 year old musician from Memphis, turned cyborg Punk auteur, Shanghaied a Tokyo underground club and mental amphitheater. Taking a break from his gig as a roadie for the 27Club, who are also in town, Jay and his friends took the stage around midnight. Good timing as my third double Mojitio arrived simultaneously.

Rock Bar: Mother

Playing a decent sized set, Reatard managed to push into hyper-dive and play his entire Blood Visions album in 24 minutes flat. The room was shocked. My Mojitio was delicious. I may have wet my pants. Add in a few extra gut busting singles, a mini drum solo, and this show was dynamite bonkers.

Synthetic Jay Reatard seems grown up, professional, and precise. His legacy, at least to this reporter, is that of a punk rock Sam Kinison mixed with the production brilliance of Phil Spector. Reatard creates his own nasty, harsh, and addictive Wall of Sound. He even had his own Ronnie Specator, the sassy Alix Brown. It’s ashamed Angry Angles split. C’est la vie.

His past creations will sparkle throughout time and space. Marc Antony would have loved The Reatards. Romans trample barbarians to this type of music in a certain universe, or vice-versa.

On a personal note, my drink was strong and bassist Stephen Pope can still shred, well, for a bassist. It’s really him by the way. He looks great for his age, but who doesn’t nowadays. Also, my personal favorite song was tossed into the set-list, All Over Again. The sounds I heard here in this red neon underground cave tonight will ring in my ears long after the hangover subsides.

In closing, Jay Reatard is fantastic, another Icarus I hold close to my heart, begging me to liver harder.

Marcie My Darkling disconnecting…

Blood X RAY Visions


“Ah, it’s just why everybody’s tired. Everybody’s standing around like, Oh, I need drugs, I’m tired. It’s like, You’re tired because you did drugs.”

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