Separatist SEAIA Monks Blast Chinese Space Elevator

South Eastern Asia Independence Army used local protests and demonstrations to mask the larger attack.

Militants from at least four Chinese dominion nations detonated tons of c4 explosive in the guts of space elevator Mao Liànjiē shattering the mainline carbon cables and all safety lines. China has declared an atmospheric state of emergency.

HAL Mencken ~~ Editor in Chief

China, Hainan Sheng, Sanya Shi, Jiyang Qu, 鹿岭路

High Alert In Sanya Harbor

Clear skies, tranquil waves, and a full moon provided a fleeting perfection Thursday night, as specially brainwashed SEAIA assault monk teams gathered at the base of the Mao Liànjiē Space Elevator, secured within Luhuitou Space Park on the mouth of Sanya Harbor.

Brainwashed Assault

Heavily armed, orange robed monks stunned security to gain access to multiple elevator megaCars, and several utility shaft segments. Fanatical resistance kept park security and Coast Guard Rapid Response Forces from retaking the complex. After hours of a standoff, the monks had their explosives in place. They loaded the celestial pipeline’s abdomen with plastic explosive.

Turtle Rapid Response Forces

SEAIA demands range from total Chinese military, mining, and construction brigade withdrawals in the Laotian dominion, to a halting of Beijing’s bombing campaign against the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Greatest among the groups demands is the release of the 17th, through, 23rd clones of the Dalai Lama.

I say, hey, lama, hey

Space elevator Mao
Liànjiē is vital for local ports and shipping. The space link is also of major military interest as the Chinese Army has priority usage rights, and frequently ferries troops to the moon using the reliable foothold into the upper atmosphere. A boon to local commerce, all measures were taken to protect the shaft from external threat, space debris or asteroid chunks, but not enough thought was given to a threat from within.


Negotiations fell apart early the next morning. The besieged monks exploded an estimated fifty tons of plastique. The Mao Liànjiē cracked into two like a broken matchstick. Fallout and wreckage is supposed to rain down for weeks. Debris is expected to spread over ocean, city, and countryside with no telling an extent to the damage.


United States of North America envoys near the scene had this to say, “In light of these terrorist attacks, the USNA is upgrading it’s Continental Security Level to fuschia. Screenings and defenses will be tightened at all four major US space elevators, and every mainland SpacePort. We also express regret at the Chinese governments rebuke of any North American aid offer. No man is an island.” Chinese officials claim manifest peoples destiny, and collective dreams trump dominion nation concerns, and terrorism will not be tolerated.

This reporter has confirmed, Communist officials have refused all international offers of assistance. Beijing yet to release any formal press flashes. All knowledge of the event is being pieced together from personal satellite enthusiast feeds, and ravaged locals mentalcasting, and bypassing Communist Chinese censors.

Content Review Complex

XRay Specs

More to come as the situation grows wildly out of control.

HAL Mencken disconnecting…


orange monks

  1. this is fucke bro, never thought that i would actually stumble across a conspiracy new site so easily like this…

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