Sydney Tripper Ripper Hacks Apart Another

People are living a waking nightmare in Sydney. In the face of heavy blitz bombing from New Zealand’s Royal Air Forces, the city confronts a new horror, the Tripper Ripper, a drug dosing serial killer terrorizing Bondi Beach and Botany Bay.

Sirens wailed inside citizen’s brains last night while they hastily shut blackout curtains across the city in defense against the relentless NZ blitz. The bombing campaign, heavily backed with Chinese equipment, training, and a supposed number of mercenary pilot AIs is taking a heavy toll on the city. But, somehow an even more menacing shadow lurks in the streets, ready to stalk and kill up close and personally.

A string of gruesome murders timed precisely with air raid sirens has rattled an otherwise stoic resistance. People have dubbed the suspect, the Tripper Ripper, due to his extensive usage of the hallucinogenic drug, LSD, as an incapacitating weapon, on both victims, and potential witnesses alike. Authorities are under intense pressure to bring the crimes to an end, but have yet to find any concrete leads.

Savannah Martin, the 13th and most recent victim, was found during this mornings clean up efforts following cluster bomb strikes on Luna Park. The park area located just north of the Sydney Harbor Bridge sustained irreparable damage.

Victim #13 ~~ Savannah Martin 

During a rushed autopsy, details were telepathically leaked by the coroner. Facts include that the woman’s body had been stabbed over 40 times, and received at least 10 mutilating slashes. Tripping witnesses interviewed by inspectors were unable to provide any useful information. One hallucinating eyewitness to the murder had this to say, “Why is there is something, rather than nothing at all? Right?” The victims family has asked for privacy, and has been granted by local government, special telepathic protections, to combat the city’s ravenous media outlets and unneeded attention from the general public.

Sydney Police have escalated their mental frisking program as they patrol street by street. The Tripper Ripper has so far left no physical or DNA evidence. No witnesses can give an accurate description. No motives other than killing for pleasure, or mental derangement have been floated. The only consistent detail is the killer wears a gas mask, which appears to be homemade or specially altered. The only trace he leaves is an LSD cloud residue stuck to surfaces, victims, and witnesses. Although the telepathic frisking has lead to many arrests, the serial killer has yet to be captured., and the murders continue.

All this panic is taking place against a backdrop of territorial warfare, ravaging many Oceanic nations. New Zealand began bombing and seizing Australian positions last month. Weakened after fending off Chinese expansion into it’s north, The Australian Federation which includes Papa New Guinea and South Indonesia, got into a conflict with New Zealand over fishing and mining rights in the Tasman Sea. A sibling spat spiraled far out of control, as both nations refused to ease aggressive rhetoric.

So, last month when a Australian submarine surfaced abruptly, colliding with and sinking the Maori Queen Atairangikaahu II’s Royal Cruising Yacht, tensions boiled over into outright hostility. The Maori King and Prime Minister of New Zealand issued a joint ultimatum, demanding an apology and reparations. None were given, and a hot war declared.

The international community has stayed out of the perceived minor dispute, even though terrific bombing continues and deaths mount. However, its been reported China is supplying the NZ Royal Armed Forces. And in perhaps the most shocking development, the 3rd generation clone of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, UK Royal iteration 3, has rebelled and joined the Kiwi Kause.

Wowed during his previous visit, the Prince has been quoted as saying “I love doing the Haka, and I feel a kinship with the people of New Zealand, and so I am here to lend my service to another King during the defense of his own realm. Just like the good old days.”

Sydney, caught off guard by the massive bomber waves taking off from Wellington, NZ, has suffered an incredible amount of damage and excessive loss of life. The Mayor of Sydney and the Generals defending the city have refused to issue evacuations orders. However, the emergence of the Tripper Ripper, and their inability to capture the suspect has made the situation nearly untenable. Morale is cracking, resources are dwindling, and a madman, or woman, or other variety of sentient maniac is on the loose. The spirit of the resistance is breaking. The appalling nature of the crime scenes has unsettled stomachs and minds across the reeling nation, as it again fights for its life.

As the conflict between Oceania neighbors drags on, so will the serial killings, unless something drastic is done. Or perhaps, when the bombs stop dropping, then the slashings will end. Only time will tell. Police, government, and military leaders all refused comment due to there being an ongoing investigation, and in light of the national state of emergency.

More to come as the city reacts to the Tripper Ripper and the continued blitz.

ART CREDIT*** buisnessdemon1_animated2 and others_by_superphazed



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  1. Weird wild stuff…. I tried LSD before,,,,,a couple of times…… and lets just say,,,, LUCY IS IN THE SKY W/ DIAMONDS …. cool news report


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