Peace & Harmony

Truce Declared Cease Fire Ends Centauri Alien War

The Treaty of Nuuk is Signed Ending Hostilities Between Earth and Proxima b After 40 Months.

JohnnAI Walker Black ~ Staff Writer

Katuaq Cultural Center: Nuuk, Sermersooq, Free State of Greenland

The Earth Defense Organization and Proxima b Centauris finally signed the endlessly negotiated Greenland Armistice, putting an end to 40 months of interplanetary war. Generals from both sides are hesitant to lower their readiness, let alone put down their arms. They have been scarred by short lived cease fires in the recent past. E.D.O and Centauri forces remain at high alert amid warnings from commanders that a truce doesn’t always foreshadow peace.

Telepathic media outlets on Proxima b, and leading Prox politicians at once began trumpeting their armed forces “epic intergalactic victory.” Planetary holiday status has already been given to this date in remembrance.

Proximan War Engines

Upon signing the armistice, which occurred Tuesday at 0930 Greenwich Mean Time, all guns were to cease firing within 12 hours. All hostilities to end no later than 2130 hours the same night.

NUUK – Peace City

Fog came rolling off the Labrador Sea to shroud a cold showing of stateliness. Ambassadors from Proxima b, diplomat Divak Molsorg, and Admiral Prod Erusha telepathically linked with Earth representatives from the E.O.D, as well as several heads of state, and the leader of the Digital Free Peoples. Little discussion was had, and the signing ceremony began swiftly lasting no more than 5 minutes. A quantum signature was manifested onto the Greenland Armistice document, and forever archived.

United States of North America military leadership stressed their desire to have zero Centauri footprint on the planet. Others, including the Chinese Union and African United Nations have issued a welcome for a respectful, peaceful, and contained Proxima presence on Earth. They wish for a gateway to remain between humanity and its cousins near Alpha Centauri. A land grant allowing Centauri ownership of Northern Greenland on a decade by decade basis is to be discussed at an upcoming world counsel.

Earth Defense Organization Flag

Conflict erupted 40 months ago when a trade mission conducted by Earthside mining and telecoms industries meet a mysterious demise while visiting Proxima. The group disappeared while negotiating a trade pact with Earths nearest star neighbor. Within weeks, a Centauri stealth invasion fleet popped into Earth orbit, and began landing on beachheads in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. A Centauri war-theater command ship landed in the ice of northern Greenland. Proxima engineers even built a space elevator anchored atop the command ship in prospects of a long occupation.

Proximan Infantry

Proxima land, air, and space vessels launched devastatingly coordinated attacks on a global scale. Initial Earth resistance crumbled under the technologically advanced pressure. In true human fashion however,
man adapts quickly in a time of war . So with some strategic retreats, resourceful thievery, and imaginative adaptation Earth defenses solidified and humans rallied. Guerrilla forces worldwide fought alongside gigantic national armies, and The Earth Defense Organizations ability to wield the combined military might of the planet, repelled and counterattacked the Proxima enemy into a final stalemate.

Human ground units found resourceful ways to down Proxima War Machines

Grand old cities have been lost. Some are in need of decade or even century long repair. London and New York will be forever altered. Los Angeles has vowed to rebuild and continue making movies throughout the cleanup. Certain cities, like Atlanta – USNA, Lyon -France EU, and Perth- Oceania, grew wildly as they became massive armament manufacture centers. Most of the Earth will be in recovery mode however, and the country most affected is also the country most ready for peace, prosperity and the chance to move on.

Beijing Before The War

Chinese Union nations suffered greatly during the invasion and temporary occupation. Beijing in particular was dealt a horrific blow. Proxima commandos committed major atrocities during their 10 month residence inside China’s old capital. The city put on a stubborn resistance to the 1st wave of attack by the small but powerful 4th Proxima Land Army, commanded by now jailed war criminal, General Gotto Phalanax. After 4 million deaths along the cities defensive wall General Gotto and his army stormed the city and began wanton murder, rape, torture and looting. The Chinese Union wept at the sight of another great atrocity committed against its people.


Fighting back with tenacity, China regained a foothold and began to punish the enemy. Using its geography and utterly massive population, Red Army units pushed back. A no prisoners taken edict was issued and in the span of months of fierce hellish fighting, Prox forces were kicked off the Eurasian continent. The pinnacle coming when Chinese special forces successfully kidnapped General Gotto, imprisoning him in a Tibetan stronghold prison. UNSA, Russian Federation, EU, Chinese Union, Oceania, and African units were all active during the final push in the Russian Steppes.

A similar story is being told across the globe today. A story of hasty invaders crashing into Earthside humanity like big wave, only to break on the rocks of our collective, interconnected stubbornness to live. The Proxima invaders have been pushed back on every front, and now they hold only the icy northern half of Greenland, and its surrounding air and sea lanes. Strong in their redoubt, the Proxima forces have been dug in with little human success at extricating them. Some military war planners estimate the cost of invasion and total victory at over 20 million soldiers, organic, artificial, and cybernetic, who would perish in any attack launched on the island.

Nuclear and fusion weapons have been ruled out as having too much fallout. Additionally they are hardly effective due to Prox countermeasures for those particular weapons systems. The fallout from failure is said to be worse than a maintained alien presence in the arctic. So after the long stalemate the peace negotiations began in earnest.

Proxima Diplomat, Divak Molsorg, personally apologized for the deaths of the Earthside trade delegates, and tried to impress that the incident was due to a grave misunderstanding. In fact, Divak may mean to say the whole war has been a mistake. He is quoted, “We want peace, we have always wanted peace. It is disrespectful to the fallen to comment further, but we wish peace with the peoples of Earth.”

A Demilitarized Zone will be established along the Northern 64th Parallel, above the Greenland FreeState city of Nuuk. Proxima forces, who have lost control of all continental territory around Earth, have fallen back into the massive citadel with its space elevator connection to subspace and Alpha Centauri. Proxima b will be allowed to administer, maintain, and even slightly alter the land of Greenland they controlled at the time of the armistice. Prox civil officials will keep a gateway open for commercial and cultural interests only. No military exchanges will occur and any further encroachments will lead to a resumption of a hot war, and a more aggressive Earth retaliation.

So it will be peace, peace in our time, but peace in our time for how long exactly? The Earth Defense Organization has been forced to mature quickly, and they have. Earth has more resources and potential than Proxima b, it just needed an effective marshaling agent. Earth can go on the offensive now if needed, only the cost is prohibitive unless threatened with extinction. Proximans have unified man’s ire, and man is no longer the most hated species by other man.

Proxima will continue to gain understanding of life on Earth and its politics, growing into either an existential threat or a new trading and cultural partner in the otherwise cold universe. It is hoped with the Greenland Peace Accords the groundwork to a positive, symbiotic relationship has been laid.

Earth and Proxima b are now linked in eternity, bound by blood spilled in dirt, and by blood sloshing about in the vacuum of space. The future relationship between the planets will be fraught with challenge and disagreement, but Earth is prepared, and although it prefers peace, it knows war all too well.

JohnnAI Walker Black disconnecting…


Life Before the War — Nuuk —


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