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Digizens to Citizens; Internet FlashArmy Captures CERN

Armed with Tazeweapons digital citizens of the internet nation Perubique used non-lethal methods to capture CERN and Meyrin. The birthplace of the world wide web has been liberated by the //www. itself!!! EU, Swiss, and French Army Units have the municipality surrounded

Meyrin Church, Meyrin, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

Digizens unite, the internet nation of Perubique manifested itself physically today as the upstart cyber union deployed a flesh and blood flasharmy upon the Swiss city Meyrin, home of CERN, birthplace of the world wide web. Highly trained scientific commandos gathered stealthily within the city over the past weeks waiting for the signal to strike. So at the break of dawn a shared mental alarm, a lions roar audible in all the embedded commando’s heads began the attack. Perubique hacker teams crippled infrastructure in the Swiss municipality paving the way for an easy takeover.

Once activate behind enemey lines, the Perubique commandos joined forces with cooperative locals, and key scientists to gain control of all the major laboratories in the city. Quick moving commandos clad in protective plastics and mentalblockers took control of crucial road crossings and check points. They threatened the little resistance they faced with their taze rifles. Also under control are the Large Hadron Collider and Fermi Labs compound. The whole military operation lasted about two hours. A Perubique Army Captain has planted his internet nations flag behind the Shiva statue on the CERN campus to signal victory.

Inscription: “O Omnipresent, the embodiment of all virtues, the creator of this cosmic universe, the king of dancers, who dances the Ananda Tandava in the twilight, I salute thee.”

The armed forces of the world wide web have come to liberate its birthplace. They find themselves in a standoff with EU, Swiss, and French Military forces. No shots have been fired, yet.

Perubique established itself decades ago as a place for both physical and digital refugees of all kind, and for those seeking a place in which they could belong. The combined virtual world created by the founders, along with its comprehensive forums and knowledge banks, has made the cybernation a sanctuary to all those citizens of the world landlocked by their place of birth and imprisoned mentally by its despotic laws. Perubique became a nation of mental expatriates.

A constitution was voted upon and the tight knit online community gained cyber-nationhood. The young country chose to form itself politically as a Liquid Democracy, a form of government they feel agile enough for the modern era. Since its founding the digital population has swelled to over 100 million. A thriving social network and media aggregators catering to the new cybernational identity have grown exponentially stronger. The Immigration Dept inboxes of the nation are stuffed with applications. Priding itself on its pristine virtual capital, people rave about ENQUIRE, a part time resident had this to say, ” I love strolling along the tree lined avenues, they’re choked with brownstones. It’s always 74 degrees and on Fridays the sky changes colors. It’s Great.”

Tensions have been on the rise, isolated digizens have felt their real power in global politics limited. Some Perubiquians have reported rights violations and prosecution within their local homelands. The emerging cybernation has found it difficult to protect its scattered digital citizenry. No civic body, not the United Nations, World Court, I.M.F, W.T.O, nor any other national government has granted the Lead Delegate of Perubique an audience. No treaties or trade deals have been signed. Frustrations began to boil over leading to the secret operation to claim real territory.

This surprise attack on Myerin is the first hysical action taken after the cybernation has found itself frozen out of realworld politics and sharing in the global economy.

Although spread across the globe, the digizens of Perubique feel proud of their shared culture, community, and outlook on life. They claim to defend the rights to liberty and free enterprise worldwide for humans and AI. In the transitive democracy the vote for an incursion into Europe passed by a wide margin. The digizen warriors battle cry is an oldy but goody, “No online taxation without representation.”

So perhaps in a bid to gain legitimacy, commando teams recruited from the military veterans amongst Perubiqie digizens snuck into Myerin to launch a surprise attack. Acting as four separate strike groups, the troopers swept out across the idyllic Swiss countryside and campus grounds. Seizing office building 40 and all the important CERN campus databanks the invaders hold important assets. The hacker teams disabled most security measures and locked down security response team weaponry. The FlashArmy subdued guards and captured important choke-points blunting any next level police response.

Controlling real territory, dirt and rock on the European continent, the cybernation has vaulted itself into reality demanding a seat at the U.N. In addition they seek protections, no questions asked dual citizenship, and semi-sovereignty for all its digizens residing in other countries. Before any real progress can be made, the invading forces must defend their new lands, and they find themselves in a standoff with several foreign military units who seem to be losing patience.


From their strongholds inside the Large Hadron Collider and Fermi Laboratories Perubique forces are prepared to hold their lines. A special detail of the invading commandos have found the original computer terminal used to create the World Wide Web. It has been turned into an honored monument and granted status as a site of pilgrimage to inspire the new hybrid cyber/territorial nation. ORIGINAL WWW

No matter what is to come, a new nation is alive and fighting. Perubique, formally a virtual utopia, has now armed itself and announced its presence eternal on the face of the Earth. Those commandos look prepared to go down fighting and an international agreement may be the only way to diffuse this situation.

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