Depart to de Chirico’s Metaphysical Worlds @ MoMa PS3

Translating the works of Giorgio de Chirico (1888–1978), a new generation of Surrealists have created virtual worlds contextualized from the late artists dream-like imagery of deserted city squares, populated with mysterious shadows, stopped clocks, and sleeping statues. Giorgio de Chirico had a profound influence on Modern Art and the development of alternate worlds.

These “Metaphysical” works began around 1912, with a series of 8 Ariadne paintings in which the artist depicted a reclining statue of the Princess of Greek mythology in an empty, sun-drenched piazza. According to the legend, Ariadne was abandoned by her lover, Theseus, on the desert island of Naxos, after he had slayed the Minotaur with the aid of her thread, which had helped him to navigate the labyrinth. The melancholy subject appealed to the artist, who had a nostalgic interest in the classical past. A symbol of exile and loss, the anguished figure of the sleeping Ariadne haunted de Chirico’s imagination during his early years in Paris, a time of intense loneliness for the artist. The mystery and melancholy found in these pictures, completed between the spring of 1912 and the autumn of 1913, resonates in the artist’s work throughout his long career.” Recovered from the PhiladelphiaMuesumArt RELIC ARCHIVE CURATOR STATEMENT—-found during Philadelphia’s reconstruction.

MoMa PS-3 brings together modern technology and fine art, allowing visitors to feel like they are physically present in de Chirico’s painted worlds. Presented as real landscapes of surreal pleasure, the entire Ariadne series will be generated inside people’s mind’s, including such masterpieces as The Soothsayer’s Recompense (1913), with the rest of his drawings and sculpture presented as well.

This group of works would leave deep impressions on the Surrealist painters Salvador DalΓ­ and Max Ernst, and the works here are complemented by a selection of later paintings on the theme of Ariadne, whose serial approach foreshadows the work of Andy Warhol, a close friend of de Chirico in the 1970s. And today the Neo Neo Surrealists are again taking inspiration from de Chirico, inviting people to walk around his mind for the afternoon, and to give their own mind over to all kinds of Metaphysical possibilities.

Using the MentalNet and special coding to achieve full immersion, the MoMa PS-3 will for the first time, expand and make real approximately 50 works of art, offering visitors the valuable opportunity to examine the early and late works in life size, real world proportion.

Visitors can examine the relationship each work has to one another and analyze the autobiographical symbolism of these atmospheric, entrancing, and wistful images made real.




Go visit the wonderful island of Mana-hatta and check out the new MoMa PS-3……Take a HoverCab to Governors Island and tell them Sappho sent you…..

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