Marines land on Alcatraz ~ CryptoMiners Riot

Alcatraz convicts wage a murderous gun battle this morning for freedom from the Rock. Hostages have been taken and a siege is underway on the main cell block, guard houses, and building 64.

A Prisoner on the New Alcatraz CryptoMining Detention Island, Timothy Price spent most of his workdays replacing solar cells on the prison roof or tending to the Seagull hatcheries, and fishbeds. At lights out, he’d be locked to a computer terminal forced to kill combatants in an online virtual arena, or play an endless building simulator aiding construction bots terraforming Mars.

Last night however, Price, along with about 20 co-conspirators launched a coordinated escape effort. Reportedly they are fed up with maltreatment, inhumane working conditions, and long hours. The prisoners embarked on their daring breakout but took a pause to release a manifesto and list of grievances online. Word has it San Francisco Police Headquarters have censored the website hosting the prisoner’s declaration. Regardless of motivation, Price and his group have swarmed the central guard station, and mining servers in building 64 taking total control of New Alcatraz’s nerve center.

2 guards have been killed and at least 10 others have been taken hostage. In addition 2 A.I. roaming warden cyborgs have been caught by the rioting convicts. Leaked details from the prisoners censored website provide a shaky video of a human guard, along with one of the cyborg wardens being mercilessly tortured.

Timothy Price was jailed at New Alcatraz 4 years ago for “illegal electricity theft and consumption”, after his own private cryptomining operation juiced so much energy from San Francisco power grids, mass brownouts occurred causing many people died in the resulting chaos. Lawyers at the time wanted him to receive the death penalty. Able to plea bargain to just a life sentence, Price was happy to end up in the minimum security institution. Some victims of the massive brownout who lost family members or even personal fortunes have attempted to have Price killed while in jail. The man has survived at least 5 attempts on his life, and it is felt the incidents have given him an inflated sense of ego and invulnerability.

Once Price and his fellow prisoner breakers failed to make it off the Rock due to mechanical trouble with the escape boat, they fell back to the stronghold of the Alcatraz guardhouses rather than swim for the coast. Using weapons stolen from disarmed guards and those liberated from the prison armory, the convicts fought off an initial Coast Guard response killing at least 6 Guardsmans. Only after a second wave of ships came to investigate did the failed escape raise a wider alarm. The convicts seemed to have been using the severed thumbs of high level guards to gain access to the entire prison complex.

Marines are landing at beachheads all over Alcatraz island at this moment, and are under heavy machine gun fire. Some Marines are para-dropping onto the South docks in an attempt to encircle the fortified prisoners. To anyone who is willing to listen, Price has been shouting through a bull-horn and mass casting his stream of consciousness live over the darkweb. He is quoted as saying, “We’ve fucking had it. Prison bosses make money. The government makes money. We don’t see anything. The computers are never turned off. They killed 3 of us last week for not filling our quotas. No one cares. No one notices.” His words were quickly drowned out as Navy ships just offshore have begun to blast music to cover more Marine landings, or perhaps in an attempt at psychological warfare.

Prison records show that after his re-education Price became the islands most lucrative inmate. His victories in the online arena and steady construction skills generate entire national grade coins every evening. A daily schedule found among the data showed the inmates work a 7 hour manual labor day, followed by a 12 hour night shift of game based cryptomining. The prisoners are left with 5 hours for sleep, food, and hygiene. The forced gaming is all part of a deal between the NEO-GEO private prison group, and the United States of North America Federal Reserve.

The USNA Fed runs a web of enterprises to help generate National Reserve Quality Crypto GreenCoins, all under its National Mining Mint Program. The extensive set of agreements includes government run AI-driven mining farms scattered all over the country, and even private prisoners playing online games for countless man hours.

The mining banks, the marshaling of citizenry data to solve crypto equations, and the contributions of public and private mine operations help the USNA haul in over 15 trillion in USD, just about half of yearly gross domestic product. This figure dwarfs Chinese coin generation levels which are currently thought to be around 4.6 trillion a year.

Alcatraz island was re-instituted as a new style prison. Meant to house white collar cyber criminals from Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, cyrptocurrency was central to the Rock’s own recidivism. As the island became an important piece to regional mining operations, more and more prisoners were brought in exceeding the complex’s originally stated capacity.

These new inmates brought to the island were far more aggressive, and were on average much more hardened criminals, this crop included convicted murderers and various other violent perpetrators. Brought in specifically to play the online virtual sensation MurderBot, a hyper-violent worldwide arena shooter, the new convicts became a valuable asset. Timothy Price, although part of the island’s original founding convict population, crossed over into the realm of those killer criminals and eventually became a star in the online world of MurderBot. His ability to mix with the dangerous elements in the prison and emerge a leader allowed Price to recruit a diverse squad of convict commandos. Most of the rebellious inmates have been identify by aerial reconnaissance drones continually buzzing the island.

New Alcatraz is repeating history, as today’s events echo the island’s past. This will be the island’s 2nd Battle of Alcatraz. Overcrowding, infamous prisoners, trouble controlling the political and technological dissident gangs, the prison finds itself again at bloody crossroads. USNA Navy commando carrier Portland sits just offshore from Alcatraz island ready to deliver more men and material.

A crowd has gathered on the Golden Gate Bridge as more people want to monitor the situation first hand.

Marines from 3 platoons have now taken full control of the beaches and compounds on Alcatraz island. Marine squads have begun sorting out loose convicts not part of the uprising, and have also begun trying to corral civilians that were visiting incarcerated loved ones during the chaos. The military is clearing the island sections at a time, and the only area they don’t control is the rebel prisoner’s redoubt atop building 64.

Landing forces storming the beaches took high casualties from fanatically resistant prisoners firing on them from camouflaged pillboxes. At least 14 Marines and 5 prisoners were counted among the dead. Countless more have been wounded. Marine Force Recon special operators have yet to flush the stubborn prisoners from their holdout, citing concern for the remaining hostages. But, as leaked earlier, if torture is an active concern, the Force Recon team won’t wait too long.

Naval units surround the island, Marines are building barriers and artillery huts. Air Force F-77 bomber drones are hovering just overhead waiting for a green signal to level the whole complex. Anticipation among the troops on the ground has reached a fever pitch.

Sporadic firefights continue, but it appears negotiations are set to proceed if and when the hostages are confirmed as being alive. In a window of building 64, a young women is being held at gunpoint by Ringleader Price.

The shooting has ceased and Price seems to be audible again, “The slog is virtual, but the slog is real, it is painful.” Price still has his bullhorn and is shuffling in the window frame with his hostage. He continues, “They make us work till we can’t see anymore. We get beaten by the guards daily. Just let us try to swim for it, we’ll let everyone go and we won’t destroy the crypto server-banks.” His voice cracked and was again drowned out, his figure disappeared from the window as the Marines opened fire and bullets tore at the cement.

The Finance Department and Federal Reserve have both sent special agents to the island to support the Marine operation. Neither organization has agreed to be telepathically interviewed. The command hut for the Marines and Federal agents has been declared off limits. The sky is busy with drone activity as well as the continual landings of Marine Ospreys ferrying Special Operators to the helipad on the islands west side. All families visiting for the day along with tourists visiting the wild bird colonies that call Alcatraz home are being forcefully evacuated.

There are said to be 20,000 to 40,000 birds living in the sanctuaries. Besides the convicts, the birds have also inflicted damage on the marines as a large flock of Egrets took off together getting sucked into and choking a F-77’s jet engine causing a crash that sent wreckage into the crowding parking lot and Ferry landing.

Local San Francisco politicians have again called for the closing of Alcatraz as a working crypto prison. They have long been vocal in their opposition to the site no matter the economic importance or the supposed safety of a white collar criminal population.

San Francisco Mayor, the 50/50 AI mind of Jerry Garcia and Harvey Milk, was quoted as thinking “San Fran has long been too progressive for our government friends back East. Again a mistake in societal thinking has blown up in our faces. A lack of compassion and humanity will lead us all astray. We will try to negotiate a safe end for all those involved.”

Federal level communications have been sparse. The USNA Press Secretary has so far been mute on the subject. The Presidentor remains on vacation, currently keeping residence at Camp Mar-a-Lago. The only press release has been from Marine General Sass who is in charge of the Alcatraz landings, “We are going to bring a fast resolution to this threatening situation.”

In a battle of desperate freedom versus justice and economic incentive, the remaining criminals find themselves in an Alamo on Alcatraz. Shots are ringing out and artillery rounds have begun to wallop building 64. The drones remain silently in the air. Birds are fluttering away and Marines have begun to scale walls and hurtle obstacles.

This reporter is hunkered behind some rocks with a big group of seagulls. We will have to see how this standoff play outs. This stalemate will not stand as the Marines have vengeance on their minds. The Coit Tower is visible in the background, and the fog is subsiding to reveal the city’s glassy skyline. There is no telling the impact of the prison rebellion, riot, escape attempt, or whatever they’re going to call it will have on the other forced mining operation throughout the country.

The impact on financial markets will sure to be felt come Monday. Maybe San Francisco and maybe the whole country will have to face the current reality of North America Crypto Policy.

Stay mentally tuned for updates from the Rock, as it sees it 2nd Battle of Alcatraz.

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