Kessler Syndrome Smothers Earth

The sky is falling. Unprecedented damage has taken place on a planetary scale. A pinball space debris disaster began late last night, as an unidentified spacecraft launched several mass effect missiles to obliterate and cripple United States of North American internet, communication, and defensive satellite constellations.

Debris is multiplying exponentially, the situation is spiraling out of control, scientists are claiming that Kessler Syndrome will soon be in full effect, blanketing planet Earth with man made space junk. People across the globe are struggling to cope with the unbelievable disaster. Nearly all telecommunications have been severed, and large chunks of space debris have been raining down on cities and rural areas worldwide.

Big Ben has been sliced in half, Venice has taken several direct hits, and there is absolutely no word from Buenos Aries. Authorities at USNA Space Force Headquarters in Boca Raton have refused to comment on the source of the devastating attack. Is this an act of war, an act of terrorism, or some kind of horrible mistake?

Speculation is running rampant in the early hours of this increasingly perilous situation. The Presidentor of the USNA has reportedly been in touch with the Russo-Chinese Premier in hopes to avoid World War 3.

Leaked telepathic communiques from USNA Generals in Europe show they were planning a preemptive strike deep into Eurasia. Those Generals have been relieved of command, and the NATO alliance has closed ranks. Hopefully the peace will last on the ground even as the sky above looks like its already seen the worst modern warfare has to offer.

In North America, ground based cannons and rail guns have been defending major metropolises on both coasts. Space Force launch centers across the continent have been put on High Alert ~ Double Red Conditions. SpaceX, Virgin Galatic, and Blue Origin have all been commandeered by USNA military ground and space command with NASA having been folded into the Space Force already within the last decade.

Every resource is being marshaled to combat the space debris suffocating humanity. Space Force General Adam Bachelor had this to say, “My god, we’ve been to the brink before, but this time there may be no coming back, however, this I promise the American people, and all those people across the world, The USNA Space Force is going to sacrifice itself to the last man and woman to keep heaven from falling on our heads.”

Special Forces are being deployed across the globe to secure USNA interests. The European Bloc nations, specifically Germany and France, have declared neutrality and have commanded their respective militaries to do nothing but assist the citizenry and protect cultural treasures across Europe.

The Eiffel Tower is safe due to heroic efforts from the French Foreign Legion who are manning gun turrets ringing around the iconic symbol of peace and love. The Brandenburg gate is being shielded by the German Air Force despite heavy losses. There has been little word yet of India’s response or level of destruction. Mainland China has been totally silent. Russian diplomats report damage to Moscow’s Kremlin, but have been mum on their own response.

Nations and peoples everywhere are struggling to understand the scale of the disaster and the best way to respond.

The United Nations is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting in New New York within the next hour. A global response will be necessary but with no one knowing who caused this horror, international suspicions are at peak levels. Most nations are on the highest states of military activation and readiness, with fingers on triggers across the globe. Anarchy could gain the upper hand at any moment.

Riots, looting, and lawlessness have been reported. Nations must be transparent, but with no communications and a worldwide panic ensuing, hope is becoming dimmer by the minute. The U.N meeting will be held under a developing halo spotted spreading across the sky, as Earth looks like it will now join other Milky Way planets in having rings.

USNA Space Force launch sites have been going full tilt as they send clean up satellites and probes into low Earth orbit, but the probes and clean up satellites have only had a minimal success rate of even reaching space, let alone cleaning up the debris when they get there, or at all reversing the course of this near apocalyptic event. Most rockets and probes are sawed to pieces as they even approach the upper atmospheres.

All airplane, drone, and scramjet traffic has been grounded. All travel has been halted, national borders worldwide are being closed, secured, and heavily defended.

No one knows what will happen next, and whether or not this is a prelude to something larger. All the aspects of modern life have been impacted. There has been some speculation Extraterrestrial life may be responsible.

The fact no nation, terrorist group, or any agency at all is taking responsibility or releasing any details only leads to this type of wild speculation, but, at this point and in these circumstances nothing can be ruled out.

Leaked reports from here at Space Force HQ in Boca reveal a group of rogue asteroid miners have launched their own rescue and clean up efforts, utilizing highly experimental technology their respective companies have been working on in secret.

At this point, humanity needs all hands on deck, and each nation has called upon it’s peoples to act in harmony, help one another when possible, and try to remain safe and calm despite the dramatic nature of events.

Sadly, Americans are not taking things well. People all along the East Coast, specifically in New New York, Philadelphia, and Boston are furious at the lack of preparation and defense. In addition to storming grocery stores and battery plants across the cities, protesters have seized Nathaniel Hall, the Empire State Building, and Independence Hall.

Washington D.C has declared Marshall Law effective immediately. People in the USNA were promised protection under the Star Wars Bubble Dome, but reports of failing equipment and misappropriated funds otherwise supposed to be used on upkeep have driven the population to the brink of open rebellion. Mayors from all major cities are asking for peace, and are negotiating with local resistance leaders.

With the continent on the brink of chaos, religious and scientific leaders are calling for calm. The Pope, as well as the head of the National Science Foundation have made a joint statement. “To all the people of Earth. Come together in peace and harmony, in these times we may need both science and religion to get us through.”

Local political leaders and major corporations have all made efforts to coordinate relief, but with things so chaotic on the ground, progress is tough to track. This disaster is just getting started and humanity must mobilize to a level never before thought possible.

Some have even been calling on Google/DARPA to release their prototype internet connective nano particles into the air, which in theory may be able to mentally link every individual human on the planet assuming they get a breath of air containing the nearly telepathic nanobots. Ramifications would be unknown, and a USNA Defense Department official says the plan is too risky at this point and time.

Earth has been around for billions of years. Humans have been here for a fraction of that time. Is humanity doomed to fall prey to the Fermi Paradox and be the next fledgling space civilization undone by the Kessler Syndrome?

Well, it all depends on us, our technology, our will to live, to cooperate, to survive, and to fight with every ounce of brain and soul power we may or may not possess. Artists across the globe have been ramping up production in case we may not have much time left, and every citizen of the world now has in their hands choices in the face of what may be our eternal doom.

What will you do? This reporter is heading home to his Artificially Intelligent wife and kids, and pouring some whiskey over some rocks.

By Johnnie AI Walker Black


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  1. this is fucke bro, never thought that i would actually stumble across a conspiracy new site so easily like this…


  2. RUN, RUN, RUN, im gonna go sit on top of a tall mountain or swim to the bottom of a deep lake,, not sure which yet….


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