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`Merica Coin Replace$ U$ Dollar

`Merica Coin Replace$ U$ Dollar

Presidentor signs The Paper Reserve Act. Mired by a stagnant economy, rife unemployment, and riddled with low consumer confidence, the Presidentor of the United States of North America has signed into law an order to drop the USNA Dollar as standard currency, in favor of the newly adopted ‘Merica Coin cryptocurrency.

No longer will the U.S.N.A monetary system be a reality on printed paper money or metal coins. From now on, electronic and virtual balances and transactions will become the mainstay accounting unit, and focus of public policy.

Thus the ‘Merica Coin will be a universally ubiquitous cryptocurrency. Accepted anywhere, anytime. All backed by Uncle Sam. The countdown to trade in all your paper dollars and metal coins has begun. You may keep what denominations and amounts you wish, but local Federal Reserve Bank installations will only be purchasing paper money and coins at the special rate of 5 ‘Mericas to 1 USNA Dollar for the next month.

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Artificially Intelligent Federal Reserve Chairman, George F. Warren~Bot, has made his intentions clear. He wants to unchain the American standard unit of economic transmission away from paper money. He plans to move the country toward a system of instantaneous, transparently simple, and harmonious market based human interactions. Thought to be possible only with the newly minted ‘Merica Coin.

Warren~Bot went on to wax poetically about his implanted memories of farm life, and breaking his digitally reconstructed back only to bring his crop to market and find nothing but bitter disappointment. During a recent telepathic interview session, Warren~Bot stated, “By allowing more people access to a currency worth more than what they transact with now, and helping them get to certain levels of interactivity, we will only raise the price of commodities, and in so doing raise the standard of living on an individual basis as well as feed an explosive rate of growth on a corporate basis.”

After a few facial twitches he continued on, “We need to move America into the future, and as the first Continent to launch its own Federally backed digital currency, the United States of North America will once again be at the head of the table while negotiating and setting the standard on progressive and open International Trade and Monetary Policy.”

A joint resolution of Congress abrogates the US-Dollar clauses in many public and private obligations that required the debtor to repay the creditor in US Dollars of the same weight and fineness as those borrowed. Using language from a clause in an ancient law, the Thomas Amendment, Fed Bankers could justify executing such a drastic change in monetary policy. Federal Reserve Banking installations have been set up nationwide at local financial institutions or other public spaces to service the general public.

The government buying price of a paper dollar was increased 5 to 1, effectively increasing the metal, and paper on the Federal Reserve’s balance sheets by 189 percent. This increase in assets will allow the Federal Reserve to further inflate the money supply while maintaining value, making the United States of North America the most significant asset in all human history.

United States of North American Federal Reserve Headquarters: New New York


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A major winner during this legislative battle has been the masses of unemployed left in the wake of recent automation success stories. Left jobless by several formally key human labor producing industries, people have struggled to cope.

Driving, manufacturing, telecommunications, and a slew of other sector have scuttled most human labor. The effect has been two sided, companies employing automation have seen booming profit as they slash operating cost and increase efficiency, but, how in the future will people afford to buy or seek their services with no employment, no source of income?

So in conjunction with the paper money buy back program, a sizable portion of Government capital is being set aside for the biggest retraining and re-skilling operation the American labor force has ever undertaken. Bigger even than the manufacturing revolution that took place in the 40’s, when the then USA, was aptly called the “Arsenal of Democracy” during its effort to win World War 2.

Now, an estimated 60 million under or unemployed Americans, former truck drivers, auto workers, 911 operators, teachers, janitors, grocery clerks, bike messengers, dog walkers, baristas, paralegals, and a growing number of doctors, engineers, architects, comics, writers, even philosophers … all these Americans are being given new opportunity to retrain with help provided through newly built Local Labor Laboratories.

Any American citizen can book an appointment @LLL and be trained within 7 days for an exciting new career. A full list of trainable professions is available at your Local Labor Lab, but, some common entries found so far include, Robotic Controller- Asteroid Mining Division, Outer Saurian Moons, AI Psychologist AssistantHelp map the mind, etc, etc. etc. Labor Labs are said to be up and running in all major USNA cities, check local boards for complete listing.

What do you want to be when you grow up again?

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As labor programs seek to move workers from fields that are dying in terms of human participation to those that desperately need it, people telepathically polled report excitement to join a future they thought would leave them behind. Federal Government policies effecting full equality of opportunity along with its regulatory management of necessary inequity have stabilized.

Combined with this new monetary policy, hopes are the nation will swing out of the economic dull drums and return to the top of the international heap in terms of output, participation, and happiness. The Presidentor of the USNA, in making his announcement to lift the countries economic future, quoted infamous crypto creator Satoshi Nakamoto on several occasions.

Continuing on, the Presidentor conveyed his hope to usher in a new Golden era for the American Continent. In front of an audience of 300 million, broadcasting live into people’s mental viewing window, the Presidentor stood in front of the largest rocket launch pad in North America, SlingShot SpacePort, just outside Phoenix. He discussed the government initiative further, “The benefits incurred from switching from the horse to the automobile are incalculable for us, primarily by not having to deal with horse manure as a permanent fixture of life. In a very similar way, the benefits of a digital coin lie in the horrors it would allow us to avoid by taking money production out of the hands of the state’s violent Keynesian barbarians.”

Markets worldwide open soon, and futures are mixed. Bulls vs. Bears will be a bloody battle in the coming months until this new economic policy is absorbed, and the price of change gets baked.

In the long view, bets are for greater stability, and a neutral, sound money alternative that will save the North American economic system and even revitalize the world’s capital markets. And so in switching to this universal digital currency standard, accessible to all, at all times, and regulated by equitable North American Federal Reserve Chairmen (human and non-human alike) things will improve for every environment, from biological to financial, from social to creative. This is the thesis presented to the public from the Presidentor, most of Congress, and the Fed Chair. Markets will decide the fate of the decision makers when the bell rings open, and again as general elections loom off the horizon.

By AGIdam Smith.

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