Lunar Love Lost

This Month’s Unrequited Moments, from Armstrong Prime, the largest colony on the Moon

Bringing you another collection of lost love notes sent by intelligent beings try to make that true connection.

You were a male in your 190s and I’m a female in same age range. We would only chat because neither have an interest in meeting anyone anymore. You are so funny and your quick witted come backs are missed. Please reply with how your decade was, did you end up getting that satellite repairmen job? Talk soon baby!

20’s male looking for similar (Tranquility Base)  looking for older…i am looking to give…. …tonight. i can host or travel .. or i can teleport, whatever is fastest….

Stud Masseur – I am 33 good looking and I used to give u a great daily zero gravity massage on the regular . I was you regular therapist Iā€™m trying to find if u need a massage therapist again …. or if you need anything at all. anythinggggggg

SBF~ We lose everytime the two of us go to a game! Mondays ended in fireworks. I’ve had so much fun getting to know you. You have taken me to planets I have dreamed of going, outside of my little dome on the dark side. You have your $hit together. You have great looks, your personality is funny, kind, snarky, sarcastic w/ a compassionate nature. You live in a huge orbiting mansion around Earth, fly a classy spacecar, & have great friends, but yet your not a show off. You’re the first white helmet man to ever catch & keep my eye. 
That meteor shower you pulled up next to me by the rocket pads, I knew I had a friend for life. So I think it’s only fair to you, that I take time to figure out my life before we go further. 
I know what our next step is, after our amazing kiss goodbye. You knew that kiss was a make it or break it. You brought your A+++ game, that’s all I can say.
I have a hard time holding in my ever changing feelings, as u know already. I’ll never know if you read it or not, but at least I know I said it…….over the galactic neural networks. That’s good enough for me.

You were a passenger on a Virgin Galactic Ion Shuttle, bright yellow t-shirt, I think it said eat shit and die. I looked over when the light turned green and you waved. Made me laugh, hope you enjoyed my singing! Thanks for making my afternoon planet flight a little fun.

Hey Blonde Robot on the mag lev train, Hyperloop Route 77. My GOD you are so lovely and id love to get to know you im a sbm who would worship u as a Goddess !@!!@

You are absolutely beautiful. That color changing dress was stunning. You were the hit of the party. I wish I had the opportunity to talk to you. I miss you my married friend. We shared our issues and confided in each other. Where have you been? Care to chat via mental telepathy again?

Mr. Contractor, where you a humanoid or a robot? You did work at my place. The Cave Complex outside Langernus. You were here earlier this month doing some work on my cooking and thermal units. You caught me checking you out and asked what I was looking at. I serviced you and would like to do it again. Sound familiar? Get back.

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