Olympics Add Cricket in 2028

Cricket is back in the Olympics. Rejoice World. The “Spirit of Cricket” will illuminate the Games. The long awaited return will end a 128 year Olympic absence since England won Gold in 1900. The ICC and the IOC will make the announcement after the conclusion of 2019 ICC World Cup.

Cricket fans worldwide were dismayed and disappointed when the ICC missed the IOC deadline for entry to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. There were too many internal disputes among the governing bodies to reach compromise. The Futurus Satoshi has learned that those disputes have now been resolved. The all out effort has led to this exciting outcome. Cricket is in the 2028 Games. LA, the IOC, and ICC will build state of the art Cricket Stadiums.

A source close to ICC chief executive Dave Richardson told us, “the negotiations ended in joyous celebration, even though there were many sticky wickets to overcome before the outcome.”

This seems to bring together the ICC, the Indian Olympic Association, and BCCI. Their agreement was paramount for IOC President Thomas Bach to include Cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games. “Sport without values is just entertainment,” Bach said.

Few sports have more values than Cricket, yet the entertainment of the game is outstanding. The proof of values and entertainment is now on display at the 2019 ICC World Cup.

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Australia is magical, playing brilliantly and the first squad to make the Semi-Finals. England, an early favourite to win it all, is playing with guts and grit despite fitness concerns.

Any of the determined squads of New Zealand, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka could join Australia in the Semi-Finals. Surprising Pakistan is roaring, and not out of contention.

Yet it seems that Australia must now be favoured to win it all. Australia’s sixth win of this World Cup, defeating England by 64 runs was lead by Man of the Match Aaron Finch. England will have to reach deep to make the finals, yet alone win it all. No one is counting India out yet either, playing inspired matches, they and New Zealand could make historical World Cup runs.

So as we watch the beautiful play at the 2019 ICC World Cup unfold in all its glory and drama, the world will see Cricket under the bright lights of the 2028 Olympic Games in LA. Finally.

The Futurus Satoshi will be there for The Greatest Cricket Tournament the world has ever seen.

By Jesse Omega Owens

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