IBM Builds Fort Knox National Crypto Wallet

Submerged in a nanoKelvin helium bath, buried deep under Fort Knox, America’s newest vault is a Universal quantum computer the size of a basketball. Bubbling with over 18,196 qubits, IBM’s Schrödinger Core Processor has already defeated 155 billion direct hacks and malware attacks.

Built to house the nation’s cryptocurrency reserves, the Fort Knox Quantum Vault allows the United States of North America to fully transfer its monetary system into the digital space. Storing America’s digital currency alongside its gold and paper reserves has made Fort Knox the most valuable 43 acres of real estate on the planet.

Over 4,500 tons, or about 148,000,000 fine troy ounces of gold is kept on site, valued around 300 billion dollars. As well as palette after palette of paper currency. Added to this reserve will be a collection of over one thousand varieties of cryptocurrency. Made majorly of Bitcoin, the US cryptoreserve is currently valued at over 11.4 trillion dollars.

America’s largest asset is now digital.

Acting under guidelines from the Presidentor’s newly signed Electronic Reserve Act, which allowed government accumulation of various cryptocurrencies, the Federal Mint required a highly secure, National, wallet. So, Fort Knox underwent a facelift in preparation for its quantum protection assignment.

New infrastructure, including network stacks, mining farms, cold data storage, and superconducting coaxial lines have all been built in the last 7 months. The site has become entirely self sufficient and resistant to nuclear, EMP, and genetic attack.

Armed guards patrol the blue pool chilling the Schrödinger. Motion sensors protect the only entrance, and a wire mesh is printed into the vault’s walls to defray radio, low frequency, and other wireless attacks. Reaching as near to absolute zero as humanly possible, and washed in terahertz light waves, the quantum computer is the quickest, and most advanced in government possession. 

The Army Corps of Engineers oversaw a speedy construction project that brought together IBM, the Federal Reserve, and DARPA in a new Manhattan project.

Treasury Secretary Roland Phillips spoke at the Fort Knox reopening ceremony, “Essentially a wallet is like your online bank account, your address is like your account number, the blockchain is like the bank’s ledger, and with the nation’s quantum wallet the quibit is like your banker.”

America mines more precious metals, and precious cryptocurrency than all other nations combined. And as the international race for accumulation picks up speed, the need for a government funded effort to remedy the monetary security problem was pressing. Now with the US National Wallet completed, the Federal Reserve can implement a digital centric monetary policy. The FED have promised to guarantee the security of the Schrödinger, and its cryptocurrency holdings.

All digital funds are to be hereby insured under FDIC rules.  The standard insurance amount has also increased to $650,000 per depositor.

IBM beat rival bids from Intel, AMD, and Swan Supercomputers to retrofit Fort Knox. The Schrödinger, a 4th generation “Fault-tolerant” Universal quantum computer secures the national wealth against all penetration efforts.

Artificially Intelligent operating system, Ida, is in direct communication with the Presidentor at all times via telepathic communique. Her algorithms manage the nation’s economic portfolio, making microscopic allocation adjustments second to second.

A large cryptocurrency reserve will allow the United States of North America to hold its tentative position atop the global economy. Part of the fiscal plan laid out by the Presidentor has always been controlling the lion’s share of available cryptocurrencies. Being the dominant holder of all of digital, paper, and metal money allows the U.S to maintain leadership on global fiscal policy.

Markets are still reacting, but currency prices of all kinds have risen steadily. Stocks have gone up and down in recent days, but due in large part to an uneven earnings season. However, the ongoing replacement of paper and gold by crypto as the nation’s reserve currency has made space for a creative outburst in the coin minting, and paper note printing worlds.

People will conduct business digitally, but the need, or at least desire to keep paper money and metal coins still exists. So to please demand, coins, paper money, and portable crypto wallets are made available to serve as the exchange medium for a citizen’s own digital monetary value.

Money is now issued in all sorts of variety, and is infinitely customizable. Do you want to hold one million dollars wrapped up as an origami crane? Well now you can. Prefer old fashion $5000 bills? Gold coins embossed with your face? Done. 

As long as it’s all digitally backed, verified p2p and run through the Schrödinger, your money can be anything, and buy anything, anywhere, anytime.

Finding a way to continue its mission into the future, Fort Knox has gone quantum, and once again become the pinnacle of national monetary security. The Denver Mint and Philadelphia Mint are both producing standard reserve coins, and custom currency in their greatest quantity since opening in 1897, and 1969 respectively. 

The Presidentor is due to deliver a telepathic State of the Union meme later on this week, and he’s sure to mention to America’s new quantum hardware wallet. 

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