Space Force Battleship Trump

Smashing a Champagne bottle over the bow, Presidentor Donald J. Trump christened America’s first Space Force battleship. Delivering a trademark telepathic speech to the gathered crowd aboard Armstrong Prime, an orbital city circling in Earth’s thermosphere, he waxed poetic, “our destiny, beyond the Earth, is not only a matter of national identity, but a matter of national security.”

USS Donald Trump (SBB-45) is a shocking capital ship. An immense vessel occupying nearly the entire air dock, its human crew will be a small complement of around 2,000 men and women. 

Armstrong Space Works hosted a lavish ceremony to celebrate America’s initial entry to its intragalactic fleet. Assembled in orbit, the ship is constructed from pieces built across the country, in cities like Allentown, Cincinnati, and Phoenix. Acquiring a contract for “planning yard services” such as logistics, building, ship maintenance and modernization, the Works will be busy for decades to come. 

Presidentor Trump, surrounded by family, dignitaries, and political allies, received an extensive tour of the spacecraft bearing his name. Also in attendance were scores of journalists, the Presidentor’s traveling supporters, and everyday citizens from Armstrong Prime. 

Before the ceremony however, several peace protesters who barricaded the airlocks in front of the shipyard were dispersed and arrested. Charged with unlawful blockage of an emergency/safety hatch in outer space, some organizers face decades in jail.  

Not only impressive in size and technical wizardry, the ship dazzles the eye. Very purposefully. Given a ‘dazzle’ camouflage pattern, reminiscent of World War 1 naval vessels sailing open oceans, the paint provides an elusive edge in the vastness of space. 

With the ability to fire gigantic rail guns, launch satellite drones, and traverse space like no ship before, a good color scheme is the lowest tech aspect of the Trump. Although most details about the battleship are classified, some experts speculate it has more destructive power than the entire U.S Air Force skyfleet.

Intelligence leaks show Space Force Command is concerned over creeping Chinese Union, and Russian Federation expansion into the outer atmospheres, and low Earth orbit. While space cooperation still exists between civil agencies on all sides, the recent militarization has lead to the cancelling of a joint mission to explore the exo-planet Alpha Centauri.

Commenting on their own plans, U.S space officials say their increased budget will allow them to send an unmanned mission to the distant star in the near future.

Breaking with certain naming traditions, Secretary of the Space Force, Gus Grissom the 3rd, gave final say on the designation, despite worry of Presidentorial self-aggrandizement. Recent concerns from Democratist politicians and telepathic opinion polls, range from the projects total cost, the ship’s true necessity, and its siphoning of resources possibly spent planet-side. Coming in at 59.3 billion dollars, the single ship constitutes about 6% of the national military budget.

Protesters who committed no crimes and were not detained, continued to chant their displeasure, “No more war” … “Space is not a battlefield” … “Ten Terms is Too Much.”

To counterbalance construction costs, Secretary Grissom opened many orbital Space Force bases to private enterprise, and public expansion. Armstrong Prime serves as example. What began as a research station and refueling paddock has burgeoned into a thriving city of 300,000 people. 

Private space conglomerates providing services from travel and telecoms, to mining and exploration already contribute trillions to the economy. Government funding increases in N.A.S.A, and the creation of an independent sixth branch of the U.S Armed Forces, anchors the United States of North America firmly in outer space.  

Armstrong congressional representatives on hand at the ceremony spoke to the press, “Our district is proud to be part of history. Our people work hard. But, I can’t stress enough the bond we share those back on Earth. I know life here can be hard, and it can be hard there, but wherever they are, Americans are tough.”

USS Donald Trump will undergo further outfitting and space trials before it’s commissioned into service. No other maiden voyage will meet more scrutiny. Expected to be ready within the month, this capital ship will be the first in an initial fleet of 10.

Space Force recruitment offices are full. Concerns and expectations for America’s military entry into the final frontier vary as individually as does the citizenry. 

Perhaps the Trump’s commanding officer put it best, “If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.”

Major Art Credit >> Chris Foss. The Master @ https://www.chrisfossart.com/

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