Robo Prosto Murders on Mars

An autonomous robotic prostitute was placed under arrest yesterday after stabbing and killing a man following a monetary dispute in a New Aldrin City parking lot Friday night.

At approximately 24:20 hours on Caligula 16th, Mars federal police hovered to a knife attack at 857 Dr. Manhattan Avenue, in the shade of the gigantic Dow Chemical Red Planet Building. When the feds arrived, titanium siding salesman Earl Warner, 34 years of age, was found with several deep stab wounds.

New Aldrin Fire-Rescue drones arrived and transported Warner to Michaud University Medical Center, where he was quickly pronounced deceased.

Mental image capturing from nearby witnesses allowed federal Vice units to remotely scan the memories from the moment of the murder. Agents were able to report clear visualizations of a silverpink skinned female fleeing the scene on foot. With visual and quantum identification verified, the permanently 18 year old robot, Exit-Velocity Chapman, was located nearby in the Blue Cloud oxygen bar, where she subsequently told officers of her involvement.

Chapman received medical attention via drone while being booked by police. She too was transported to an area hospital but released without any significant internal processor damage. During a later interview by Martian Vice detectives she confessed to stabbing Warner in the stomach at least twice, but claimed she feared for her existence and future operability.

A telepatahic statement given by Chapman to police, states she was prowling her normal territory down Tussk Boulevard when Warner landed his hoverpod, and asked her what she charged for a variety of sex acts and intercourse services. A brief negotiation ensued, and Chapman hopped into his pod.

After her intimate business transaction with Warner, and as she zipped up her phobos moon boots, she felt his hands begin to choke her. When she told him she wanted to leave, he only gripped tighter, so says the affidavit.

Chapman says the violence escalated, Warner pulled a laserknife from the pod door and demanded his virtual money back. Even after the instant digital return to his e-wallet, she said that he continued to choke her while still holding the glowing blue laserknife.

According to the affidavit, Chapman told Vice detectives that she feared for her life so viscerally, she didn’t even think, she activated her wrist rapiers and stabbed Warner with a few quick flutters of hand motion. She said she then grabbed her black lunar velvet Chanel purse, her Versace O-2 mask and jumped from the scene. In her trek back to the city dome she was stopped by patrol cycle officers and explained what had happened after being flagged down.

Martian Federal Vice detectives say Velocity Chapman admitted to engaging in lawful prostitution under the intergalactic recreation code article 2 at the time of the offense, and is at this moment under isolation lockdown in the GeoCorp Oribtal Penitentary where she faces 1A manslaughter charges. She faces mental processing erasure or even total deconstruction. A public attorney bot assigned to her defense has already issued a statement.

“First off, she feared to the universe almighty she would not be a sentient being if she allowed that brute to continue choking her, and secondly, this would be like charging a lawnmower with murder. My client and I may be intelligent machines, but we are your creation, and we should not be held responsible for human operator error.”

A court date has been set for about one month from now, to be held on Vespus 21st at the Central Justice Annex. The case is set to draw planetary wide, and perhaps galaxy wide attention as it will be the first case brought against a robotic defendant on trial for human manslaughter. 

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