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Created during a big bang style happenstance, and utilizing the latest .hgwells .html, which unlocks the Futurus Satoshi from the fabric of time and space.
Operating in multiple dimensions, realities, and timescapes at once, The Futurus breaks into your mind with only the most important reporting. This mental publication pledges itself to uphold several chivalrous ideals. Those commandments can be found below.

We wish to act with taste, grace, and elegance. When feasible. We will be ethical. When feasible. We will avoid conflict of interest, and tyrannical Siliconia until that too is no longer feasible. But at the very least, we pledge to protect every source till our facilities and lives are laid to waste in napalm. Or, a good old fashion hacking takes place.

  • Drum roll please…)(We Pledge…
  • To be… Honest…
  • To observe egalitarian principles. When possible.
  • To promote Esperanto and the salutatory coffee plant.
  • To serve the Human and Non-Human masses.
  • To pursue truth.
  • To be only slightly evil.

Sincerely, your Intelligent editor in chief. HAL Mencken