American Foreign Legion Saves Independence Hall

BenjAImin FranklAIn embedded alongside the AFL’s 7th Para; Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.N.A

Luddite terror groups attacked, and sought to occupy Philadelphia’s Independence Hall amidst this mornings busy rush hour, launching homemade Molotov cocktails and using old fashion bolt action rifles to storm the historic landmark. After brushing aside panicked tourists and easily overwhelming Park Rangers, the group released thousands of leaflets from the bell tower. Stating their intention to stop at any cost, the creation of Artificially Intelligent copies of America’s Founding Fathers.

Hand printed pamphlets scattered across the cobblestone ground explained the Luddite position as such, “Artificial Intelligence is tantamount to humanities suicide, and the disrespect of using that technology to resurrect our founding fathers is beyond blasphemous. Technology will make human beings obsolete if it hasn’t already. Wake up Homo Sapiens, time is at hand.”

Local law enforcement cordoned off the area, but a Rapid Response unit of America’s Foreign Legion happen to be in the area, arriving on scene within minutes. Before the Luddite terrorists could establish solid defensive positions, Swift-Teams of American Legionaries burst through windows and scaled walls to take the advantage during this urban combat. Luddite leader, Hans Yoder, was killed in the opening moments of the struggle. Although there were pockets of stubborn resistance, the group’s will seemed broken early, and it only took a matter of fifteen minutes before the AFL captured or eliminated any remaining Luddite terror group members.

Philadelphia Police Eyeball Units used crowd scanning technology to assure no perpetrators were able to blend back into the fleeing masses. Damage has been done, but no historic documents or artifacts were harmed. Philadelphians took the attack in stride, and in the hours following cleanup a line formed out the door of the nearby Foreign Legion recruitment offices.

One young gentleman waiting on line to enlist said, “I don’t know, and I don’t care who these Luddites are or what they want, but I’ll be damned if they attack Ben Franklin’s house. This is the birthplace of freedom and pretty soon I’m gonna be free to kick some of their asses.”

Official casualty counts at this time stand at 15 Luddites killed, 10 arrested. One Park Ranger also died in the attack , his name is being withheld out of respect for his family. The Legionaries had 6 wounded. Clean up efforts have already begun and are expected to continue till next week. Drone construction swarms and local unions laborers have been working since the end of the incident to rebuild the historic landmark, and have vowed to work around the clock till completion.

Unlike many major American cities, Philadelphia has refused to install telepathic monitors, in direct contrast with an edict from the USNA Presidentor.

Local District Attorney, John Eden, and several other civic leaders have issued a joint statement, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Philadelphia will remain a free and open city, with all the risk and reward that a life of self-determination has to offer.

Founded right here within Olde City Philadelphia, at the same Tun Tavern in which the Marines were founded in the 1700’s, the American Foreign Legion defended its home and once again brought honor and credibility to this new American fighting force still growing out of its infancy. Intelligence units from the AFL as well as the police department refused to comment on how the Luddites were able to carry out the attack without being discovered before hand.

Information about the Luddite groups is tough to gather as they refuse to use technology to spread their message. The United States of North America has seen an increasing rash of domestic terrorism in the last years as a wave of automation ripples through the economy, and social fabric of communities ill prepared for the consequences of this new industrial revolution, or what some call the New Enlightenment.

Philadelphia’s expansive growth and final unification with Greater New New York city has created the largest metropolis on Earth, as a person literally can travel in a valley of skyscrapers all the way from the Liberty Bell to the Statute of Liberty. As the mega-city; actually made up of Philadelphia, Trenton, and New New York expands the rise of automation and use of technology lifted the standard of living for it’s citizens.

The Mayoral Triumvirate issued a statement calling for peace and harmony, along with a plea for all those affected to return to normal daily life. Luddite concerns have gone unheard and as the group grows more desperate to stem the tides of change, there is serious concern about an even greater escalation in violence and tactics. USNA Homeland Security officials along with the F.B.I have sent teams out into the countryside to ensure safety. However, PHI-TRE-NYC will continue to provide basic security all the while backed with Foreign Legion Swift-Teams.

The greatest and largest supercity on Earth will not bend to the will of terrorists who claim to be acting in the best interest of humanity, yet display its worst evils. PHI-TRE-NYC will never forget, will never back down, will never relinquish the freedom found and fought for on this Continent.

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